This course was perfect for me to immerse myself into coding and find out how all the different elements come together.

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Codemaster Institute 12 week Web Software Development Bootcamp

Codemaster Institute is an Entrepreneur maker and Career Accelerator providing face to face web development bootcamps and practical experience with no exams! Codemaster Institute gets you started in your new tech life faster than you can imagine.


Learn about front-end, back-end, MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and other modern languages and topics in our 12 week full-time or part-time bootcamps. This is not your average coding, programming, or web development bootcamp. At Codemaster Institute we will put you in the best position to start your own venture, or find a highly skilled job.

It will give you that kick start to really get your tech career on the right path. Codemaster Institute is a path to happiness and an opportunity to never stop growing. The skills you learn on this programme will be of enormous value to you for your entire future career.

The program is selective and is aimed at

  • You, if you want to learn to code and improve your life
  • New graduates and University leavers
  • People seeking a new career direction
  • Gap year students
  • You, if you want the most out of your life

We are looking for motivated people who will thrive in an incredible community of like-minded individuals. If you have the desire to make something of yourself and you have the passion, we will mentor you and your new friends to become world class developers.

One of the best new developments in career advancement in Silicon Valley and New York is the emergence of full immersion programming bootcamps. This is the best way to learn a new skill like coding. The best way to learn any new language is to have intense personalised tuition and being in the environment that forces you to use the new skill. While it is possible to learn a new language, a musical instrument or computer programming on the internet the reality is you may dabble, but will never learn enough to make a career out of it. The best way to learn is in a fully immersed manner where it becomes your sole focus. You will succeed if you are in a supportive team.

You are serious about getting ahead in your life so do something about it. Enrol today! Don’t waste years of your life waiting for a break to find the right job, or continuing to study qualifications that employers don’t really value. You only get one life so make the most of it and don’t get stuck doing a menial and dead end job when you are capable of being so much more. Most people are aware that the jobs of the future will require you to be able to program computers, but don’t have the time to do a four year degree in computer science. You need to take the action that will make the biggest difference in your life in the shortest possible time. This is the answer. Don’t procrastinate we can only help a few people at a time because of the high quality mentors we use. Codemaster Institute does not train many people because we want you to be in high demand with employers. The bootcamp is likely to be full very quickly so don’t delay.

500+ hours with expert lecturers!
Job market insights


The average minimum salary for Web Development jobs on SEEK in August 2015


The average maximum salary for Web Development jobs on SEEK in August 2015

Web Designers are female

Internships for full time students!
Industry Involvement

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We make you an employable web developer!
What will I master

Introduction & Fundamentals

Get up to speed with the fundamentals of Web software development

User requirements, experience and Front end

All the front end stuff, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.

Project & Entrepreneurship

portfolio and getting career ready.

Back-end / Web Server programming

Learn about webservers, databases, and languages such as PHP, SQL, and other modern languages.

Development Frameworks

Do it right with web development frameworks, MVC Platforms, versioning, and anything else to make the life of a developer easier.

Internship and project month

Negotiated, hands-on Internships with start-ups, major designers and ad agencies, as well as large companies all vying for elite developers

Fees and finance

Monthly Repayments From*:


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The full-time fee includes 500+ hours lectures and contact time, a laptop, health and fitness, lunch meals, tea and coffee.

Full time fee: $12 145 (If paid upfront; $13,145 otherwise). Secure your place with a $250 deposit now!

More full time details here.


You could study part time from $2 750 - More part-time details here.

Contact us for student loans and funding when submitting your application.

*T's/C's apply. Financed independently through a third party.