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About us and our lecturers.
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With the arrival of Codemaster Institute - the first school of its kind in Western Australia – professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and pretty much everyone, gets the opportunity to learn the skills for future technology-based programming. Our graduates position themselves on the future-proof side of the ever-changing career fence. After just a few weeks of training, they can look forward to entry level jobs in the tech world, such as web development, data analysis, robotic design, software programming, web app design, VR, and game design. As more and more businesses rely on a digital presence, having the skills to code is becoming essential. Best of all, you’re never too young or too old to get started.

Codemaster Institute is an entrepreneur maker and career accelerator providing face to face web development, coding, and software programming bootcamps. Codemaster Institute gets you going in your tech life - faster than you can imagine.

Why we do it

Every time we teach people to code they fall in love with it. Many decide to make it their career or decide to spend a few months learning to code before University or TAFE. It gives you a skill that could help you earn a living by developing websites or writing computer and mobile applications, all within a few weeks.

We think that’s awesome!

HQ address

Ground Floor
45 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia

Our Lecturers
You will learn from the best and you will learn from each other. Your lecturer will show you a new skill and then you will get a chance to try it, apply it and master the skill.
No one gets left behind and we work in teams. We make sure you have the skill and then move on to the next challenge. No long boring lectures, it’s learning by doing. It's mentoring!
Helen Burgess Helen Burgess Founder of GraphitEdge, a digital-space coaching company - Lecturer
Ana Rita-Miguel Ana Rita-Miguel Full-stack developer - Lecturer
Larry Browning Larry Browning Senior PHP Developer - Freelance - Lecturer
Daniel Boterhoven Daniel Boterhoven Software Architect - Consultant - Lecturer
Ricki Barnes Ricki Barnes Web Designer - Developer - Freelance - Lecturer
Steve Steyn Steve Steyn CTO at Codemaster Institute
Jon Feldman Jon Feldman CEO at Codemaster Institute
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