Codemaster 12 week
Web Software Development

Course Outline

Codemaster Full-stack Bootcamp

12 week full time

plus internship

Join the innovation revolution

12 Week intensive bootcamp where we will cover topics such as

Introduction and Fundamentals

Get up to speed with the fundamentals of Web software development

User Requirements, Experience and Front End

All the front end stuff, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.

Project and Entrepreneurship

Build your portfolio and get career ready.

Back-End / Web Server Programming

Learn about webservers, databases, and languages such as PHP, SQL, and other modern languages.

Development Frameworks

Do it right with web development frameworks, MVC Platforms, versioning, and anything else to make the life of a developer easier.

Internship and Project

Negotiated, hands-on Internships with start-ups, major designers and ad agencies, as well as large companies all vying for elite developers

5 minutes to sign up, 12 weeks to change your life

Next available date

MID 2018

FLUX, 191 St George's Terrace, Perth CBD



Call: 1300 663 228
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Internship positions for full-stack students!
You also get:

Codemaster Institute is more than just about learning… We embrace life! In this bootcamp you will also get:

Full-stack Bootcamp Mad Skills
Yoga or health sessions
Art/photography sessions
Lunch meals included
A typical Full-stack day at Codemaster Institute

The typical day looks as follows:

9:45am Start arriving and settling in
10:00am Recap of previous day, and discuss day ahead
Master Session
10:30am Guided lectures and teaching session for 90min
--- Pair up and continue with challenges in an Agile environment
FREE Lunch
1:30pm 1 hour health and stamina regeneration
Afternoon Session
2:30pm Continued guided lectures and teaching sessions
Codemaster Projects
3:30pm Continued breakout
5:00pm Closing down for the day
The Master Coders
5:00pm + Stay on-site and continue working on project and challenges
500 hours + with experts!
What you will master
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Vision & Planning
Web Design
Design Patterns
Solution Stack
Web Programming
Workflow and Deployment
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The full-stack price includes:

The entire full-stack program is: $ 10,989

Secure your place today with a $250 deposit.

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Full-stack Jobs

The workplace is changing. Coding can keep you ahead of the game.
Every company needs the skills you will master.
These are just some of the job titles that we are preparing you for:

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