Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence Course

"You asked the impossible of a machine and the machine complied."
- Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
3 days / 4 weeks part time accelerated (In-Person or Virtual Online Classroom)

There is a massive demand for Artificial intelligence technologies. All the major players in the world are placing their emphasis on machine learning, and it is just the beginning.

This practical course in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence provides workplace relevant training in the new world’s most important skill.

The course is designed to be extremely practical. Not just concepts, we teach you how to apply it.

Machine Learning

Understand the main aspects of Machine Learning

Introduction and Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Python Programming

Applied to Real Data

Apply data pre-processing and model real data.

Machine Learning models

Develop and train Machine Learning models.

Learn from the best

Learn from cutting-edge machine learning experts on your custom project.

Artificial Intelligence

Learn skills in Neural Networks & Deep Learning.

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4 Days: 22 November 2021

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4 Weeks: 14 September 2021

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Implementation Assistance

To help you and your team augment your in-house Data Analytics and Machine Learning capability,
we have a team of Strategy and Implementation experts available to assist.

You now know Machine Learning, let’s help you transform your business.

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Why Machine Learning?

Machine learning uses the benefit of our collected data to let computers develop programs and insights that are too difficult to analyse by people. Rather than give computers detailed programming instructions we let computers learn by copying a huge number of examples in the same way a baby learns. The results are astounding!

Creating models to get computers to recognise images, voice and text, is easy, especially if you have someone experienced helping you learn. Machine learning is the reason we have facial and voice recognition, instant translation and why computers can understand speech and written words. Machine learning powers self-driving cars and even rockets to space!

There is a dramatic shortage of people who can apply machine learning in a practical way.

We will make you one of these valued individuals.


Full-time: 4 days

Includes 1 Day Python session as a prerequisite

Full-time study consisting of intensive classroom contact sessions

3 weekdays: 9.00am – 4.30pm

Part-time: 2 Sessions / week In-person and Virtual Classroom - Sessions:

2 weekday evenings: 5.30pm – 8.30pm

What you will master

Course content may vary to suit market trends.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence course topics
Python Programming * Machine Learning Machine Learning Continued
Language Basics Mathematical overview Association rule learning
Program Logic Regression Support vector machine
OOPs Model fitting Recommender systems & Natural language processing
Lists and Strings Decision Trees & k-Nearest neighbours Neural Networks & Deep Learning
Files and packages Data pre-processing and Models Hidden Markov models & Time series forecasting
Visualisation Clustering and anomaly detection Applied projects
* Extra Python day - included in the course.

Entry requirements

Machine Learning Course:

No prior programming knowledge required.

Course includes Python Programming.

Learn by doing, not by tests or exams.
Learn from the best

Cutting-edge machine learning experts refine decades of learning into essential training hours that empower you to make a difference in the world. Your instructor has one goal, to make the course extremely useful. Moreover, it is! This is the best way to learn a new skill is to have intense personalised tuition and being in the environment that forces you to implement the new skill. The Codemaster Institute course is designed to be extremely practical. Not just concepts, we teach you how to apply it hands on.

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